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Effective Remote Working

I too was a product of a big corporate environment before I started my own team and become an advocate of virtual office. So I made a list of tools that I use which can help your business have an effective remote working experience.

GSuite For Remote Working

1. For Email

This is the No. 1 tool every company has, Email. The most convenient way of sending and receiving message that does not need immediate reply across your team will be through email. I prefer using Google since it is easy to use and can be easily synced to your Android mobile device.

GSuite also allows me to use professional email. This has added security and a bigger free cloud storage for my files.

Gmail has added great features for you. If you want to send an email on an exact time but you are not available, Gmail has Schedule Sending. If you do not want your email recipients to forward, copy, print, or download messages, including attachments, Gmail has Confidential Mode for you.

2. For Group Chat or Instant Messaging

If you want to have a private chat room for your team, Google Chat will work for you. You can create a rooms for your team and receive instant messages .

3. For Video Conference

Google Hangouts meet is a video conference app that is part of the GSuite package. You can easily create a meeting session and send it to your chat room in Google Chat.

Just like Zoom or GotoMeeting, Houngouts meet certainly will make your team meetings more effective.

4. For File Sharing

Google Drive offers a secured cloud file storage for your team. A free gmail account will give you 15GB of storage, but you do not want to gamble on security with that. The Gsuite basic plan gives you 30GB of storage per user.

google drive

With GSuite, it will be more secured since it will be limited to your organization. One cool thing on using Google Drive storage is with Google Drive Filestream.

This allows you to connect to your Google Drive account and open files like you are opening them on your local drive. Start working on them and changes will be automatically synced to the cloud. No need to worry of loosing your work when power outage occurs.

Here are more details and instructions on how to use Google Drive Filestream with you Google Drive

3. Office Applications

Gsuite offers a wide range of application you can use for your office work. It offers all the functionalities you need and best of all it has real-time collaboration. A leading tool in every organization is the spreadsheet. Yes, MS Excel will be your first choice, Google Sheet is also a wonder to consider. Not only it can open your MS Excel file it has almost all the functionalities you will look for in a spreadsheet, plus it syncs to your Google Drive!


Security is the primary issue when doing remote work. GSuite it using the most secured protocol to make sure you are safe.

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